What do you charge?

Our fee depends on several factors, but they all circle back to one thing, time: the amount of time that we spend at your event; the amount of time that we spend traveling to your event; and the length of time that we spend preparing for your event.  If you are having an informal cookout in the Portland area (our home base), our fee will be relatively low.  If your event is a formal wedding reception that requires significant advance preparation and several hours of travel, our fee will be on the higher end.  We offer discounts during slower times of the year, on days other than Saturday, and for fundraisers.  To get a quote for your event, please don’t hesitate to call Jon anytime at 207-233-5435.

What types of music do you play?

We play a complete mix of dance music that includes Top 40, Oldies, R&B, Classic Rock, 80’s, Disco, Jazz, Reggae, and anything else that gets people dancing and having fun!

How do you choose what songs to play?

During cocktails and dinner at weddings and other private functions, we provide a light mix of music that you would hear in an upscale club: Frank Sinatra, Van Morrison, Norah Jones, and James Taylor, to name just a few.   For this part of your event, we create an atmosphere in which you can stay focused on your conversations with friends and family.  The goal is for the music to be soft, tasteful, and virtually unnoticeable – simple, background ambiance.

When it’s time to start the dancing, we kick it into high gear.  Our mission is to create a party atmosphere that you and your guests will be talking about long after your event.  Song selection is one of the most important decisions that we make, and so we spend a great deal of time choosing and learning the best dance hits of all time.  Experience has led us to develop the following formula for adding a song to our repertoire: (1) It must be a hit; (2) It must be instantly recognizable; (3) It must have a great dance groove.   Number 3 is, of course, the most important.  If you can’t dance to it, we don’t play it.

What is the band’s availability, and where can I see you play?

Many clients book us more than a year in advance.  As soon as you know your date, call Jon at 207-233-5435 or get in touch through our Contact Page to find out if we are available.  If we are not available, we are happy to refer you to the best bands we know!

You can find our very next public show posted on our Facebook Page:  www.facebook.com/timepilots.  Our schedule is constantly evolving, however, and private events are not listed on our website, so please don’t hesitate to check in about your date as soon as it is confirmed.

Do you have references?

Yes!  Here is what some of our Wedding Clients have had to say about the Time Pilots:

“I can’t say enough good things about the Time Pilots. The music was excellent and pre-wedding communication was effortless and thorough. I knew I could trust the band to be professional, fun and keep everyone out of their seat. Jon thought of things we didn’t, the reception was well organized, and everyone had so much fun. I give them my highest recommendation. If you want your guests to have a good time and stay on the dance floor hire the Time Pilots.   – Jen and Lori

“We spent a lot of time looking for a wedding band, and we couldn’t have gotten any luckier! Our guests LOVED the Time Pilots! They kept people dancing all night with a terrific assortment of music! People are still talking about how good our band was 🙂 If I ever have an occasion to use them again I would in a heartbeat. Very fun and professional and sooo easy to work with! You can’t go wrong with this great group of guys!!” – Amanda and Nate

In fact, literally every wedding client who has ever hired us has offered to be a reference for new clients.  Several of them are quoted on our home page www.timepilotsband.com and throughout the website.  We also have terrific relationships with a number of venues and other vendors.  Out of respect for their privacy, we do not provide contact information here, but we are happy to provide it to anyone who makes a direct inquiry.

 If you have any other questions at all, get in touch with Jon at 207-233-5435!