Demo Reel

Our I-Pads hold the sheet music for literally thousands of songs, and so our long list is virtually unlimited.  Here are just a few of the songs that we have found to be dance floor favorites!

“From the 1st note these guys played, everyone (& i mean EVERYONE!) of our 150 wedding guests were out of the seats & dancing like wild things. i even changed into my late night dress early to sing, dance, and jump around on and off stage with these guys. i so appreciated the energy but also professionalism from moment #1. they let some of my friends sing with them & even played a second late night set for us! so many guests said later that our band was one of the best parts of the wedding & the best wedding band EVER! we are SO, SO happy we hired them & cant wait to find an excuse to go & see them play again! please feel free to contact me anytime as i would be happy to speak glowingly of these guys. thanks Time Pilots! :)”   – Sally and Gray